Monday, August 2, 2010

Hester Street Fair

I've heard SO much about the Hester Street Fair over the past year. I finally checked it out a few weeks ago with some friends. And BOY am I glad I did. The fair was amazing!!! Granted, it was a lot tinier than I expected. However, the quality of the vendors more than made up for the lack in size. I have to admit that there are a few hit-or-misses - I'm definitely not a fan of the too-dry pulled pork sandwich for example. However, I did love the mini cupcakes (wish I remembered the name of the stall) and the shrimp roll from Luke's Lobster.

Luke Lobster Bar's shrimp roll - really fresh and sweet little baby shrimp on a hot, buttered roll:

Luke's Lobster's Shrimp Roll

The swedish meatballs with help-yourself pickles, help-yourself lingonberry sauce and boiled baby potatoes - the meatballs tasted really home-made but were a tad crumbly/dry. The gravy was delicious. The pickles went super well with the rich gravy. The lingonberry sauce also went well with the dish:

Melt Bakery's Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich

The cupcake lady/stall - her cupcakes were my favorite, especially the cupcake with passionfruit buttercream. The little bite-sized cakes were really moist and the french buttercream she uses on all her cupcakes were literally the icing that topped the cake:

Hester Fair's Mini Cupcakes

The passionfruit french buttercream cupcake from the cupcake lady/stall - OH that French buttercream is sooo wonderful!!!!:

Hester Fair's Passionfruit French Buttercream Cupcake

Melt Bakery's ice cream sandwiches and ice cream baklava sandwich - I didn't get to try these but I thought the baklava ice cream sandwich must be really decadent:

Melt Bakery's Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich

The macaron parlor - the macarons were overall so-so.  The flavors were definitely interesting (earl gray tea, passionfruit, honey butter, bacon etc) but I'm not sure if they were truly amazing in taste .... :

Macaron Parlour

Macaron Parlour's Bacon MacaronMacaron Parlour's Passionfruit MacaronMacaron Parlour's Honey Buttercream MacaronMacaron Parlour's Red Velvet MacronMacaron Parlour's Hazelnut Macaron

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