Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snackages: Camille Bloch's Ragusa (heaven in a little block)

I first came across these delectable little confections at an airport Dutyfree last year, during my layover in Frankfurt, enroute back to New York from Singapore.  I always enjoy checking out foods in different countries because, well, I'm always hungry firstly and am looking for something to eat but also secondly, I love discovering new varieties of foods and being able to say "Hey! I've never seen that before!"

So I was browsing away at Frankfurt airport's Dutyfree, through their candy section, when I noticed the bright orange-colored box.  The packaging looked somewhat familiar but I had certainly never eaten the product before.  Perhaps the shade of orange reminded me too much of Reese's, another passion of mine, but I digress.  There was a small picture of a hazelnut on the box and the large words 'RAGUSA' emblazoned across.  I decided to try it out and bought 1 box.  There began my greatest new-product discovery and biggest regret thus far.

Ragusa is delicious!!!  The box I purchased revealed batons of individually gold foil-wrapped pieces.  The contents are rightly described as 'confections' since they weren't entirely made of chocolate.  And that wasn't even a bad thing!  They were everything I looked for in a a candy bar.  Ragusa is basically a thick layer of a hazelnut/chocolate-flavored, ganache-like filling (tasting very much like Nutella but less viscous), encompassing large, crunchy pieces of whole hazelnuts, and the entire thing is enrobed in a thin layer of milk chocolate.  When you bite into a piece, it is creamy, rich and very satisfying.

I've since gone through quite a few packs of these chocolates - hence the 'regret'.  To-date, I have found that the 50g multipack is the best rendition as it stores better (the individually-packed bite sizes).  The 100g Jubile is messier to handle in comparison but of course still as delicious.  I've yet to try the Delice but I can only imagine those little suckers would be as highly addictive as the multipack.  Ragusa also comes in a dark chocolate version, which I haven't tried as I prefer milk chocolate.

So far, I haven't really found Ragusa in Manhattan.  As a result, I've only managed to purchase Ragusa when I am transiting via Frankfurt or online at (other websites constantly show that it is out-of-stock).  Unfortunately, due to my US location, it is very expensive to buy them from Swissmade as they are shipped from Europe, the 5-pack cost me about $35 all-in when the products themselves cost only $15.  As a result, I've resorted to stocking up on Ragusa big time when I am in Frankfurt.  The last time I was there, I bought 7 boxes.  I was going to buy 10 but I felt a little embarrassed to reveal my gluttony to my boyfriend who was with me - which I really shouldn't have now in hindsight since I'm certain this stash will not last me until my next trip to Singapore, and he is suppose to love me through thick, thin and candy obsessions, no?


  1. Here is the email I received from the sole distributor of Camille Bloch chocolates in the US:

    As the exclusive importer for CAMILLE BLOCH(R) Chocolates in the United States, we must inform you that we do not import the Ragusa Bar made with Milk Chocolate at this time. There is, however, a website where you may be able to locate this product.

    Please go to: and type in Camille Bloch Ragusa Bar and then hit enter.

    We trust that you will be able to find the product at this site.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

  2. My God! I feel faint just looking at that *gulp* I love buying chocolate at airports too, while waiting to board. You never know what treasures you'll find.

  3. Late to the conversation (I was looking for a NYC vendor--none, alas), but you can find Ragusa on Amazon. I lived in Switzerland, and my best friend discovered it while visiting me.