Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snackages: Yoku Moku Billet

I first sampled Yoku Moku's delectable butter cookies when I was in my late teens / early twenties and holidaying in Singapore.  A good friend of mine, who was going to college in LA at that time, used to give me a box of those cookies as my Christmas present whenever we met up back in Singapore during our respective year-end school vacations.

Buttery and decadent in its ingredients and mouth-feel, these little cookies also fall into the 'light snack' category for me due to their cute, bite-sized portions and elegant individual wrapping.  Oh to tear open one of these smooth little plastic packets, pop a whole biscuit into my mouth, and gently crunch into its deliciousness, is certainly a much anticipated perk to my day.

There is a variety to choose from but the most popular are their butter cookies that are so thinly-made they are only slightly thicker than a crepe.  These butter cookies are available most commonly as a Cigare (rolled into a cylinder and lightly smeared with chocolate on the inside) or as a Billet (flat cookies folded in half with sliced almonds and sandwiched with a light smear of chocolate).

The cookie I have featured on this post is the Billet aux Amandes Chocolat, which is a butter cookie, folded in half, lightly smeared with milk chocolate on the inside and topped with sliced almonds on top.  YUM!

I obtained my most recent stash from Neiman Marcus when I visited the afore-mentioned good friend of mine in LA (now a mother of one) early this January.  However Yoku Moku is available in stores around the world (NYC: Bergdorf Goodman and Takashimaya on 5th Avenue) or on online on Amazon.

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