Friday, March 19, 2010

A Great Way to Spend Sunday Lunch

Big Wong is one of my favorite places in Chinatown for Chinese roast meats and casual Hong Kong cafe-style goodies.  They have a wide selection of dishes, they are cheap and they are quick.  A great lunch option for a lazy Sunday or even a hectic Sunday when you are running around getting groceries for the week.

Something to note about casual Chinese places like Big Wong, you can really ask them to prepare whatever dish you like, as long as they have the ingredients.  For example if you wanted to have cha siew and roast duck fried noodles for instance, and it's not on the menu, you may certainly ask your waiter if the kitchen could prepare it specially for you, usually the answer is yes.

One of my all-time favorites from here is their cha siew (roast pork) over rice.  I'd ask for a fried egg, which comes over-easy and crispy on the edges.  And it's yumminess personified!

On Sundays, they have this special which is Zha Leung ie fried dough fritters wrapped in a thin rice-flour skin that's steamed.  It sounds like a starch overload but it isn't.  It's crunchy and silky at the same time.  And it soaks up enough of that soy sauce that it comes with, it makes for a very appetizing snack.  Another tasty dish.

Wontons are always delicious here - big fat and juicy with a generous chunk of shrimp in each dumpling.

If you like the silky texture of the Chinese dumpling wrappers used in wontons, you would probably like this dish as well - stir fried roast pork slices with a silky egg sauce over rice.

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