Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Has W 48th Street (btn 6th & 7th Aves) become a mini restaurant row of sorts??

Mondays - NYC Cravings food truck - taiwanese fried chicken or pork chop on rice w marinated ground pork sauce and pickles, siu mai, dumplings, rice dumplings (zhong zi).  The aroma of the marinated ground pork sauce and the fried chicken wafts through the entire perimeter of the truck; it's the best marketing tool they have!

Wednesdays - Schnitzel and Things food truck - constantly sold-out - so it must be good!

Thursdays - Wafels and Dinges food truck - belgian-style sweet waffles.  You can choose between the 'soft and chewy' style or the 'light and crispy' style.  I personally prefer the 'soft and chewy' - so much more toothsome.

All the time - Financier Patisserie - This is one heckuva wonderful pastry shoppe.  My favorites are their prepackaged almond macarons, their financier cake, the mini financier cakes that are complimentary whenever you buy a hot beverage and on Wednesdays, the heady mushroom and gruyere quiche - ooh la la!

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